Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ligia's Visit

at Ghyslain for a lovely chocolate day!

What a wonderful time we had with Ligia here! We had a low key week of spending time together and enjoying the leisurely feeling of our days! We slept in, drank cofee, baked,cooked yummy food, and toured an awesome chocolate factory (more to come on that)!  

yummy beef tacos
Sami y tia Ligia
Sami and tia Ligia had a wonderful time to together as well! She is one of those "baby whisperers" here is why: Sam took naps with her and he ate well for her and he did everything she wanted him to do! But most of all he loved to get her attention so she would carry him!

Out for a walk on one of the two warm days!

When she left we felt a void but thank the Lord it is only for a little while because we get to see  her soon! While Ligia was here we found out that our beautiful sister Karen is having a baby boy-we are adding another boy to the Fuentes boy Klan! so exciting! 
We can't wait to have Ligia over again!