Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas at the Dronen Residence

 “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel” (which means “God with us”). Matthew 1:23
I can't believe it's Christmas Eve! I get so excited about it all! The wait is over and he is here! Emmanuel means God with us -what comfort that we are not alone! 
He took on flesh, came as a baby to change everything! Setting in motion a plan prophesied for hundreds of years, the plan to set us free from sin! All is well because of Him! 
Merry Christmas! May your day be blessed and full of joy! 

The weather in Ohio has been so balmy even up to 70 degrees! One morning I woke up to the most beautiful light for pictures! I wanted to share our home with you in pictures! Wishing you could come over for Christmas brunch! 

All of the textures found around the house make it more cozy and inviting, don't you think? 
I love Christmas cards! I do love finding fun ways of displaying them! 
I have so loved having the door open a lot this December! 
The lighting in this beautifully redone dinning room, thanks to my love, is breathtaking in person and hard to capture in pictures.

The presents were wrapped thanks mainly to my love! I love that I'm still enjoying this Christmas tree wrapping paper from the shutterfly gift card I won last year from the TomKat studio! 
Have a beautiful Christmas, darling! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Picnic Surprise Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my sweet mother in law! I am so blessed to partake in the inheritance of blessing the Lord has bestowed on her- her children. I am married to the Love of my life and her oldest son. We have two beautiful children who light up there GG's (Gorgeous Grandma) life as well as ours! 

These past few years we have left for vacation during her birthday making me want to celebrate her before we left this year. But more than that she blesses us so much all the time with her generosity and in lavashing our children with love. In light of this I decided a surprise birthday party was in order! I do love to host people and bring them together to celebrate and bless others! So we planned it and were able to keep it a secret until the day of-barely! Here are a few glimpses of this beautiful night where we celebrated our all American gal! 

Dad brought her over to "let Josh borrow a tool" on their way to dinner. "She should come in to see the babies before they went to bed," he strongly suggested. She walked in and Our sweet little Giselle hurt her finger on the door. So we and the 20+ people in our dinning room waited patiently for GG to console her before we yelled surprise!  
She was completely surprised and I love how she just embraces Josh! This is one the things I love the most about her she is always ready to hug you and put you at ease! 
I loved how surprised she was and how excited she was to see everyone as she went around the room hugging each person there! 

I set up the porch for an indoor picnic since it rained all week long, until 3 hours before the party. 
A make your own Sandwich station was set up showcasing some amazing bread and awesome fixings! 

I was so excited some of her Sisters were able to make it and totally surprised her! 

I love celebrating birthdays with friends too they add such a sweet dimension to birthday celebrations! 
We had a make your own s'mores bar, again show casing an all American Summer tradition! 

Her birthday cake was so delish! Made in town at Love Cakes by DLM ( a local grocer) 

These beautiful peonies also came from Dorothy Lane Market. 

I love how the cake looked with the sparklers instead of candles. 

When I saw this porch I envisioned having people over and spending time out here! I am so excited that one of my first events was in honor of my mother in law! The rest are pictures of the sweet friends and family that came together to celebrate this beautiful woman because she means so much to all of us! 

We love you so much Pattie and I pray that this year you understand even little more how deep and wide His love for you is! Happy birthday! 

I could not have done it all without help! Josh, thank you for helping me and supporting my vision for this evening! Robin, thank you for listening to my heart from the very beginning as I began to think about this event! Thank you for coming early and staying late, so my kitchen could be completely clean before bed! 
To all who gave of their time and brought sides, drink and food thank you! What a blessing it is to bless others! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015



I am so honored to belong to this tribe. Motherhood has rocked me to the core. I have been stretched, challenged and filled with indescribable joy all in a matter of minutes.

I see motherhood as a charge- " Do not fear, be strong and very courageous." (Joshua 1:7) 

Mother noun
The definition of a mother is a woman who gives birth or who has the responsibility of physical and emotional care for specific children.

Mother noun
  1. Motherhood is the state or experience of having and raising a child.
These definitions from the dictionary  are very literal but at least they add a little depth. There is an emotional care that needs to happen for both Mother and child. I believe that it is emotionally where the greatest intensity of motherhood is experienced.  Emotions fly high with mothers and children so much so that sometimes we are blinded by our emotions, as we let them take over.
 I observe my babes and how hard managing their emotions is for them. They are intensely learning to feel them, understand them and experience them safely. When I take a step back I observe myself, even with a few years under my belt the struggle is real. All the emotions that I see fly across my babes faces are happening to me internally and unfortunately sometimes I can't control them either.
So then I pray, "Lord, this is where you have called me to be strong and very courageous." This where instead of just going on with the day I stop bend down and apologize to the sweet faces looking up at me. I stop and humble myself because it is my responsibility to care for them including their hearts. I want them to see me peacefully control my emotions when dealing with a situation, so that they can learn how to then do the same themselves. Oh I have so much to learn still...
one of the things that has helped me is surrounding myself with godly women. These women love their children and can be real with me about their struggle and pour into my heart encouraging this young mom.
So this year I invited some of the women that have poured into me without hesitation and with unconditional love over for Mother's Day brunch. I love watching them with their own children who are growing up and becoming adults under their tutelage. I love asking them questions and hearing their hearts of how the Lord led them through this journey of motherhood. I love that they pull me in and encourage me not only by loving me but by loving my children as well. I love that I don't feel alone anymore because before me have gone an amazing group of women who have welcomed me and continue to usher me into this journey with tears, love and joy. How many more I would have loved to have around my table and maybe one day soon I will be able to. I love how the Lord is even in the small details of our lives. He orchestrates our paths to cross and for women to touch each others hearts deeply in this journey of motherhood.
Here are a few glimpses of our beautiful brunch and what a wonderful time it was! Thank you friends so much, for taking the time to invest in us, to hold our hands, to teach us how to love our husbands and our children. We all need each other, thank you again.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Friendships Refresh the Soul

Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart,
and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice
Proverbs 27:9
 Getting to spend time with one friend is a treat but gathering many around the table is so special. I love how the Lord brings friends into our lives that refresh our souls. The desire for friendship is something so dear to his heart. Jesus even told his disciples, " I no longer call you servants... I have called you friends..." John 15:15 He was now bringing them in close and allowing them to be a part of the relationship he shared with his father! This is so beautiful and so encouraging he sees your desire for friendship and he knows your longing for true refreshment in your current friendships. He truly does make all things beautiful!

I found this beautiful artwork that brought me so much encouragement here
Setting the table before coming to the table can always make any time spent around the table special.
Giselle spent brunch with us gals and enjoyed the food and the company just as much as we did!
I think she is going to grow up to love brunch too!

The centerpiece was a simple project I have been wanting to try out for so long and it truly turned out great!

We gathered to celebrate life together and enjoy each other's company.
Empty plates but full hearts!

I remember the first time I met Melanie I was a customer at Talbots and she was behind the counter. I had newly moved to Dayton and knew no one. I heard her speaking to another customer about Texas and my ears perked up. I had just moved from Texas and even speaking to someone from Texas would be make my lonely heart happy. Well, the customer was not interested in speaking to me and that did not phase me though because Melanie told me she had a friend that had just moved from Austin back to Dayton. I couldn't believe my ears I had just moved from Austin too! A fellow Austinite in Dayton what a treat! So, Mel introduced me to Marti and now 8 years later we are still friends and every time we get together our souls are refreshed! Another beautiful thing is that our friendships are always multiplying when one of them introduces one of their friends to me it's like we've been friends for a long time! I love when things like that happen!

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules and spending time around the tables ladies! It was a beautiful morning and truly energized me!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Vintage Bridal Tea

         Hello it's so good to be back.
 One of my favorite things in the world is getting people together to celebrate major life events. I want to share with you the latest bridal shower I hosted in honor of my friend Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn is getting married this upcoming Friday and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!
This invitation turned out so great thanks to the May Designs free Valentine's Phone and Desktop Backgrounds
Here is my sweet friend- isn't she gorgeous?! I am so excited for her
and I pray that her wedding day is just a beautiful as she is; but mostly
I pray that her marriage is blessed and strengthened everyday!
"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies." Prov. 31:10
The food was just wonderful and gorgeous! My friend Kendra made amazing 
mini sandwiches especially the veggie ones were just heavenly!
We also had a yummy roasted butternut squash soup
 topped with a mini grilled cheese sandwich.  
I kind of followed this recipe for the yummy soup. This beautiful china is probably the only reason this event is considered a vintage tea. I found this china in a local antique store after the former owner passed away at 90 years of age. 

I have to take a break from my first love language- food, to bring you these beauties.
 Flowers are my other love language and I love the sweetness of ranunculus and that I was
able to find some since the bride loves them too!

This jar was a pretty easy project that I created from a pickle jar with some burlap ribbon and crochet ribbon( could also use lace ribbon) and a hot glue gun.  

Now back to food; my friend Donna brought this beautiful salad topped with her famous pickles! I need that recipe! Although, this was a tea the food was more substantial because it was during dinner time and I loved how it all turned out!

The template for this  sweet menu is from here 

Last but not least before talking about dessert, was this beautiful sparkling pink lemonade in mason jars garnished with fruit! I love the color that it added to the table and of course the taste was refreshing and wonderful.
I combined some seltzer water with pink lemonade to make it fizzy yum!
Dessert Time
Two type of teas were served Chai and Earl Grey with a touch of cream.
Do you see those beautiful coasters on the table that match the invitation? I found them here.
 I decided to create an inviting dessert table instead of having a cake.
 The dessert table is full of yummy goodies that are also beautiful.
 Short bread, scones and macaroons are the main desserts accompanied by colorful chocolate candies.

I love this beautiful chandelier picture ( from Michael's) and I bought it for Giselle's room
 but it was a perfect back droop for the dessert table.

Next to the dessert table was this eucalyptus arrangement that created a layered feel to the dessert area. This little wreath was again another easy project with rope a foam wreath, coffee filters and a glue gun!
Last picture of the desserts, I love how the little flower arrangement in a tea cup turned out too. Perfect topper for the dessert centerpiece.

Gift and Blessing Time

My friend Missy put together this beautiful gift basket- it was one of my favorite gifts! It was so beautiful how our group of friends all got her bath stuff ! Slowly but surely her whole house will be outfitted for them! I love how beautifully friend and families rally behind a young couple and help them establish their home and God establishes their marriage.
We each brought our favorite Bible verse to encourage the Bride and had a sweet prayer time for the couple to be strengthened during this time of preparation and to keep their eyes on the one who created and established marriage. The Lord who alone can teach us how to love because he is Love!
My sweet friend Kendra has a way with words of encouragement and I love capturing this moment of the two of them!
The guests also each filled out one of these wed-libs I found on Something Turquoise 
They were so funny! We laughed so hard at how they turned out! The bride took them home to share them with the groom!

At the end everyone received a little goodie bag to fill up from the dessert table. It was sure a sweet time with friends and I am so honored to have gotten the chance to host this time for  Kaitlyn.