Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Vintage Bridal Tea

         Hello it's so good to be back.
 One of my favorite things in the world is getting people together to celebrate major life events. I want to share with you the latest bridal shower I hosted in honor of my friend Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn is getting married this upcoming Friday and I couldn't be more thrilled for her!
This invitation turned out so great thanks to the May Designs free Valentine's Phone and Desktop Backgrounds
Here is my sweet friend- isn't she gorgeous?! I am so excited for her
and I pray that her wedding day is just a beautiful as she is; but mostly
I pray that her marriage is blessed and strengthened everyday!
"A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies." Prov. 31:10
The food was just wonderful and gorgeous! My friend Kendra made amazing 
mini sandwiches especially the veggie ones were just heavenly!
We also had a yummy roasted butternut squash soup
 topped with a mini grilled cheese sandwich.  
I kind of followed this recipe for the yummy soup. This beautiful china is probably the only reason this event is considered a vintage tea. I found this china in a local antique store after the former owner passed away at 90 years of age. 

I have to take a break from my first love language- food, to bring you these beauties.
 Flowers are my other love language and I love the sweetness of ranunculus and that I was
able to find some since the bride loves them too!

This jar was a pretty easy project that I created from a pickle jar with some burlap ribbon and crochet ribbon( could also use lace ribbon) and a hot glue gun.  

Now back to food; my friend Donna brought this beautiful salad topped with her famous pickles! I need that recipe! Although, this was a tea the food was more substantial because it was during dinner time and I loved how it all turned out!

The template for this  sweet menu is from here 

Last but not least before talking about dessert, was this beautiful sparkling pink lemonade in mason jars garnished with fruit! I love the color that it added to the table and of course the taste was refreshing and wonderful.
I combined some seltzer water with pink lemonade to make it fizzy yum!
Dessert Time
Two type of teas were served Chai and Earl Grey with a touch of cream.
Do you see those beautiful coasters on the table that match the invitation? I found them here.
 I decided to create an inviting dessert table instead of having a cake.
 The dessert table is full of yummy goodies that are also beautiful.
 Short bread, scones and macaroons are the main desserts accompanied by colorful chocolate candies.

I love this beautiful chandelier picture ( from Michael's) and I bought it for Giselle's room
 but it was a perfect back droop for the dessert table.

Next to the dessert table was this eucalyptus arrangement that created a layered feel to the dessert area. This little wreath was again another easy project with rope a foam wreath, coffee filters and a glue gun!
Last picture of the desserts, I love how the little flower arrangement in a tea cup turned out too. Perfect topper for the dessert centerpiece.

Gift and Blessing Time

My friend Missy put together this beautiful gift basket- it was one of my favorite gifts! It was so beautiful how our group of friends all got her bath stuff ! Slowly but surely her whole house will be outfitted for them! I love how beautifully friend and families rally behind a young couple and help them establish their home and God establishes their marriage.
We each brought our favorite Bible verse to encourage the Bride and had a sweet prayer time for the couple to be strengthened during this time of preparation and to keep their eyes on the one who created and established marriage. The Lord who alone can teach us how to love because he is Love!
My sweet friend Kendra has a way with words of encouragement and I love capturing this moment of the two of them!
The guests also each filled out one of these wed-libs I found on Something Turquoise 
They were so funny! We laughed so hard at how they turned out! The bride took them home to share them with the groom!

At the end everyone received a little goodie bag to fill up from the dessert table. It was sure a sweet time with friends and I am so honored to have gotten the chance to host this time for  Kaitlyn.