Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Treasures from our Chicago Trip 2012

Chicago...sigh...I need to spend more time there. 
Sam and I were fortunate to tag along with Josh
 and go to Chicago at the beginning of this month!
here are some of the treasures I brought back with me!
one of the greatest treasures was spending time with this
charming lil gentleman! 

at one of our excursions to the suburbs of Chicago we
discovered Oakbrook Center. While making our way
through Macy's we ran into some construction and a dead end.
But this dead end turned out to be a wonderful discovery!
We discovered LUSH! Fresh Handmade Cosmetics one of my favorite things!

After trying their Ocean Salt  and helping hands lotion I was hooked!
the sweet lady showing us around even demonstrated their bath bombs.
This captivated my lil gentleman so he needed one for himself!
we brought this little Robot home for him.

I know you are wondering about these adorable ceramic spoons!
Well, I went to Crate and Barrel  and found these for 95 cents a piece!
I can't wait to use them at the black and white party! 

that's all for now, Gracefully Daisy

all pictures were taken by developpe please do not download