Friday, February 14, 2014

A dreamy valentine's day

Our little family woke up today in all smiles and wishing each other happy Valentine's day! 

I woke up before everyone because I had a dreamy breakfast planned. It all started with a picture of these cute crispy Kreme donuts! 

Then I got in the mail Giselle's mobile pieces and they were perfect to display.

One thing led to another and when the boys came out of the room they were welcomed by this sweet breakfast table. 
We exchanged valentines and read the book I gave Sammy.
Sammy picked the heart shaped donut with sprinkles and then told us which donut he wanted each of us to pick.

These are the sweet valentines Sammy handed out this year paired with Swedish fish- aren't they adorable! 

I hope your day was sweet and dreamy too! Hugs and kisses! 

Here is Giselle holding the valentine Sam gave her- so cute!
Our little family just loves each other as they only know how but today it was even sweeter! So blessed to have them! "We love because he loved us first." 1John 4:19

Monday, February 10, 2014

Little lady chic styling

So I recently discored and her awesome online boutique. This week she is running a contest  for styling her lace spring dress and I am having way too much fun! Of course has so much cute stuff to work with as well!