Monday, December 5, 2016

You Had Me at Brunch

You had me at brunch!

When Josh and I adventure together we love to find places to share brunch at! one of our favorite Brunch places of all times has been the Biltmore Estate

The setting was beautiful and the food was amazing! We tried to device so many ways to go back before we had to leave town! I sure do love adventuring with my guy!

Adventuring Together

Oh Darling,
Let's adventure together!

One of my favorite things of all times is going on adventures with my handsome husband! I love how he takes me to places just because he wants to see the reaction on my face. I love that he plans things carefully and is always on the look out for exciting things to do!

I can't believe I found this post still in the drafts! We loved going to The Biltmore Estate and can't wait to go back! Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Cultivating a Grateful Heart

Reflecting on our past experiences can be painful, hard, and sometimes unpredictable. This thanksgiving season, I found that this practice is more essential than we think. Normally, when I find myself reflecting on my past, I feel all the feelings again. I feel the rejection, the hurt, and the feelings of inadequacy that come rushing back. Sometimes, I just pause and neglect to examine the feelings instead of inviting the Lord into them with me. This Thanksgiving, my time of reflection brought along all of those feelings, but I found that there was something else waiting to be examined with them- my gratefulness. 

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