Tuesday, April 29, 2014

(in)RL Virtual Conference 2014

(in)Courage has been such a blessing to my life since I discovered them online!
Last year I signed up for the conference online and attended by myself at home.
I had a great time being encouraged on my own but
this year I was yearning for some girl time with friends. 
So I sent out an invitation and prayed for the Lord to meet with us!
And He met with us because He is faithful!

My friend Leah said, "I had a great time. It was refreshing and encouraging."
There were a total of 4 and that was perfect. The Lord promises that when there
are two or more gathered in His name, he is there. We were able to personally 
share our stories a little bit a time, creating a beautifully safe place that challenged us to 
act out our faith. 

Here is a glimpse of our night and the yummies we shared!

I loved hearing this quote, " God puts the extra in my ordinary and makes it extraordinary." 
I also love how Lisa Leonard defined community, " True community is when we come together and we're real with each other. " And this is in fact what happened we were in true community and it was beautiful, refreshing and encouraging. We are planning to meet again soon and complete the craft together. One of the Hosts on Facebook shared this idea- to have everyone write down one thing they took away from the conference and then mail it to them! We did this and I can't wait to mail them! We are looking forward to next years already! thank you (in)Courage for blessing us with a place to share our stories!

Gracefully Daisy