Our Story

Our Story

We met during our first week as freshman at the University of Texas at Austin.

It was August 31, 2000 in Calhoun Hall at a meeting of the Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship.

Soon after we became involved in founding a ministry to international students and families coming to the University of Texas at Austin. Our friendship and love has grown since the day we met.
On the cool morning of March tenth, we rang in the day with an exquisite brunch seated in the warming sun on a balcony in Austin's arboretum overlooking the Texas hill country.

After a leisurely walk around, we lingered around the arboretum taking in the beautiful sun, clear skies, and wonderfully enchanting company between us.

We spent the afternoon wandering the Texas hill country on horseback, stopping to water the horses along the route and galloping through the wide open spaces under the blue skies - perfectly in love.

Chilean sea bass, the same meal we had when we first showed mutual interest in each other, was served during our romantic dinner at Austin's very own Jeffery's. We sat side-by-side in this cozy restaurant perfectly in love but also falling deeper in love.

The big surprise came after dinner when we pulled up to Congress and Third Street. A horse drawn carriage was awaiting us. Listening to the rhythmic clacking of the horse's hooves we made our way through downtown. It was near the magnificent State Capital that Daisy decided to turn and take a picture of the building. At that very moment Josh slipped out of the seat and onto one knee. It was there, near the Capital, in Austin, that Josh asked Daisy to marry him.

The look of astonishment said it all and then came the vehement, "Yes". And with tears of joy in her eyes they held each other in a firm embrace that would mark the beginning of a new journey together, and would be only the first of many along the way.
WHEN & WHEREDecember 15, 2007Montgomery, TX

Now... 3 years later
we have a handsomely happy little boy, Samuel Benjamin infuses our lives with love and joy everyday!