Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my arms full

Sam's third week home 
The days when Sam fell asleep in my arms were my favorite! They were so sweet and tender I wanted to hold him forever. He was so tiny and sweet I couldn't believe he was really mine to keep! What a miracle!

As he grows everyday he is smarter, faster and taller! I can't believe that this tiny baby that I loved to rock to sleep is now a toddler running, laughing (out loud), jumping and screaming! This stage is so fun too and I love helping him discover and explore! 

Today, oh today it was as if the Lord took a timeout for me! I put him down for his nap and he even told me he  was ready for bed. I left the room and next thing I hear he is sobbing. so I wait a few minutes and he continues to cry. I go in and tell him its nap time but that I will rock him and hold him. He responds, "Hi Mama!" I love it! 
So we rock and I hum his favorite song, " Jesus, Jesus, Jesus there's just something about that name..." 
Soon, I feel his body relax and his sweet baby snores begin! He is completely asleep and all I want is to stay in that moment forever! Because, my very active Sam does not fall asleep in my arms anymore he points to his bed when he is ready and even if I try to rock him to sleep he wiggles out of my arms!

It's  these little moments that take my breath away and I enjoy the blessing of being Sam's Mom!

Gracefully Daisy