Thursday, March 31, 2011


My dear friend Jackie H. invited us to tour Ghyslain's Chocolatier in Union City, Indiana. Ghyslain is the creator of many wonderful chocolate treats, pastries, and breads. The company is named after its founder. You will want to go to the website not only because you can see all the chocolates but because you will enjoy discovering their story!

We sure had a blast discovering, exploring, and experiencing it first hand! On the tour we first learned about the history of the founder and how he came to the Midwest. Then we toured the production kitchen and experienced how to create a few goodies ourselves. I was amazed at the technique and intricacy of creating such sweet treats!

Making the choclate cups! looks so easy! hope to be able to reproduce it at home!

Ghyslain also creates chocolate sculptures-amazing!

Amber filling with the awesome chocolate mouse her chocolate cup!

Ligia filling her chocolate cup!

here I am filling up my chocolate cup!

Then we dusted them with powdered sugar!


This is the gorgeous chicken salad on hand made croissants, side salad and roasted potatoes!

Now I know you are wondering: I have to go all the way to Union city to get these? No, you can go to Dorothy Lane Market here in town to get them! Ghyslain is a supplier for Dorothy Lane, Jackie used to work there and that is how she found out we could tour their production plant!

I am also looking forward to visiting their other locations! If you would like to participate in this expedition of Chocolate discovery let me know!
Thank you Jackie for such a wonderful discovery!
Gracefully Daisy