Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review : God's Wisdom for Mothers, compiled by Jack Countryman

      Wanting a little encouragement after the baby's three hour losing battle with sleep?

What about the day when the laundry seems to be a mountain,
 the baby wants your arms as well, 
and the sink is calling out from underneath the every growing pile of dishes? 

God's wisdom offers a little refreshment even if you are rocking the baby, doing laundry or starting dinner. The book is tiny you can take it with you from room to room and read a little nugget at a time. 
When I opened it I felt like I was opening a box of chocolates and I was able to have one and savor it, or have two at a time and not feel guilty but instead feel calm.

     In summary this book is a collection of  bible verses. The bible verses are divided into nine sections. These sections include: God's Wisdom, God's wisdom with Children as well as God Walks with Mothers, and six more sections of areas relevant to a mother's walk.

       When I chose this book from the book sneeze website I was not sure what I was going to get. When I opened it to the first chapter I got very excited because it was straight up bible verses compiled in a sweet little book! As a new mother I need all the help I can get from God's Wisdom! I enjoyed the convenience of having a  little book with me around the house that I can pick up and instantly connect with a piece of God's wisdom, especially on those days when I need a little pick me up! I was inspired by this tiny book with its golden nuggets of truth so readily available. I would love to gift this book at a baby shower, or when I visit a new mother in the hospital after their baby is born. It is so wonderful to know that the Lord cares about mothers and their daily lives! Reading out of the bible is a great thing but it feels wonderful to be able to pick up one book and within it almost instantly find the verse you are looking for without having to go through 66 books!
      I highly recommend this book.