Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rainy spring days

I love waking up to rain falling and tapping on the windows. It makes my heart flutter and skip a beat at times. 

Another thing that makes my heart happy is fresh flowers. Today I woke up to beautiful fresh flowers by my bed and rolling thunder calling me out of my deep sleep. The soft pelting of the rain was so refreshing and calming. 
So for quiet time today I grabbed cup of tea some macaroons and a magazine! 

Hello again! It has been way too long! We have been busy around these parts! 
In the rainy pictures above you see our new neighborhood, we are enjoying discovering it with the kiddos! Speaking of kiddos they are growing way too fast! 
Here is Sam at the library playing all on his own! Here is Giselle finally excited to get a little bit of warm weather to wear cute girlee clothes- well maybe I'm more excited than she really is! 
I will be posting some fun posts about what I've been up to and a few fun events I'm planning that are coming up! 
Stay tuned...