Sunday, November 2, 2014

Book Review: Noah by Mark Ludy

When I received an invitation from Handlebar Publishing to review Mark Ludy's new book I jumped at the chance. I personally love the story of Noah and I was disappointed at the poor reviews the newly released movie had, that I chose not to watch the movie.

When I first opened the book I was surprised that it was a wordless picture book. Immediately though the pictures drew me in and I could hear the story forming in my mind as I flipped the pages. The pictures also surprised me because they seem much more modern then I normally picture Noah's story. For example, the pages where we see Noah in his house specifically in his study/library type room with with windows and a desk. That is not how I envision Noah's home looked like but something about the depiction in those pictures still stays true to the character of Noah. Even though I never pictured him in a study I can picture him going alone to a place where he could clearly hear what the Lord was telling him. I love the drawings of the ark that he draws based on the dimensions God gives him. 

The lush beauty of the woods an the vibrant colors Mark utilizes totally captivate the imagination. Although, the place I imagined Noah lived in should have been more wild. 
Mark creates a feel of a paradise lost. There is order, growth and life. Everything flourishes there all is vibrant and alive! 

I can see  this book becoming a favorite for my son. He loves books that he can look at for hours finding new things in the pages every time he turns them. The depiction of the animals is great. They look as they would in real life. The different ones illustrated here make us realize it was all the different species of animals not just the easy ones to imagine in the ark. 

This book gives us glimpse into the beauty of an imagination created by God. I love catching glimpses of everyday life for Noah and his family because then we are able to relate with the characters. God's promises are depicted in beautiful illustrations that cause your imagination to soar enraptured in the beauty of a Creator that made this world and is faithful to us even when we are not.


Disclosure: I received a free book in exchange for this review all the thoughts are my own.