Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 2 Submission to Authority

May__our sons __agree with God, and be at peace; so good will come to them (Job 22:21)

How is your day going? Praying at the beginning of the day is truly refreshing! Sam and I prayed while he was having breakfast and it brought peace to our hearts! 
Words that really stood out to me from the book:

"All of their lives, our sons will find themselves needing to submit to someone. From parents, to teachers, to bosses, to government officials, and even to God Himself, they will always have someone in a position of authority over them"
teaching them about submission to authority in their formative years will only help them to transition into society and the great big world out there...

Even now at 9 months (wow! still in awe of how fast time is passing) we find ourselves saying "no" to little guy- a lot! So today I mad it a point in telling him how wonderful he ate and how good he was when we took a walk- try it with your little guys tell them how much you rejoice over them-especially when they make wise choices-when they submit to your authority~

My favorite prayer of the day:

May__Sam__, who is younger, be subject to the elders. May he clothe himself with humility toward others, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”  
(1 Peter 5:5)
today I will pose one of the study questions so that we can meditate on it. please comment about it when you leave a comment on the blog.
Have you ever considered how teaching obedience leads naturally to a deeper understanding of the Gospel? 
 Dear Lord, thank you again for meeting with us today-right where we are. You are always ready to meet us! Lord, once again I pray for strength for our hearts as mothers to help our children understand obedience and submit to authority! Lord, help us to be the true example of how to apply this principle. We have taken on this challenge because you are with us! Lord, pray please drawn near to us and our sons, draw our son's hearts closer and closer to yours! we love you and praise you! in Jesus name. Amen.

Gracefully Daisy