Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He sees you...

I have never reposted from another blog before but since it is the eve of our 21 days of prayer I wanted to share this encouragement shared by Brooke the author of the book we are going to be using as guide.

{Originally posted at the M.O.B. Society, I like to post this article the day before the start of the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge. Perhaps you need to settle this issue in your heart once and for all. There’s no time like today.}
This parenting of the male species is hard.

Whether you have an adventurous boy, a scholarly boy, a rambunctious boy, or a bookworm boy. A little boy, married boy, big boy or somewhere in between boy. Sinner boy, saved boy, sanctified boy.
It’s still hard.
I’ve watched your words, you boy mamas, and I confess: I’ve been totally overwhelmed with what God is doing through this community. I’ve rested my head many nights speechless that God would allow me to kneel with you and pray for His hand in our boys’ lives.
Several times I’ve asked God, “what are You doing?” And other times I’ve read about a mom’s deep burden for her son and all I could utter was, “O God.”
He hears our groanings.
The coupled pain and hope that keeps a mama on her knees wears a carpet thin.
But He hears you.
And God is for you.
You are the apple of His eye. His beloved. His thoughts toward you are many and His plans for you are good. He will never leave you nor forsake you.
When your son takes his first steps and you realize for the first time that your baby is growing up…God is for you.
When you give it your all and his heart doesn’t change…God is for you.
When you wake up and he’s five and you realize there are already so many moments you’ve missed and will never get back…God is for you.
When you realize the home life you desperately wanted to provide for him isn’t going to happen…God is for you.
When you realize how your own sinful choices have affected him…God is for you.
When you’re defeated and ready to quit…God is for you.
When you see the desires of his heart and realize that they’re not always good…God is for you.
When your son gets hurt or that thing you always wanted to protect him from happens…God is for you.
When his heart doesn’t belong to just you anymore…God is for you.

When he makes choices that hurt you, no, devastate you…God is for you.
When the threads of your carpet are worn bare from the praying, begging, hoping in God to complete the work He started…God is for you.
And His heart for you is good.
As we prepare to join our hearts in prayer for 21 days tomorrow, perhaps the one thing we should settle is this:
God is for us. And His heart for us is good.

Are you a boy mom?
The 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge is starting tomorrow! Join me on a 21 day journey into praying for the hearts of our sons. Are you up for the challenge? Buy your book, sign up with a group leader and start praying passionately and purposefully for your sons!

Gracefully Daisy