Friday, October 4, 2013

Traveling Grace

It's 12:03 am October 4th and I am just now writing my post for the third!! So I ask you for some grace...

It has been a day of travel for our wee little family! We are tucked in and 3 out of 4 are asleep. I thought about grace during this trip especially because fall is in the air! I love fall and it always brings me back to grace which leads me to discovering joy in the journey! Fall has always felt to as a gift from The Lord directly to my heart which he created to find such pleasure in it. 

My family brings me so much joy as we daily practice the discipline of extending grace, now some days are easier than others. most of the time traveling in a cramped car for long hours is a difficult grace extending day. I am so grateful for the beautiful day (meltdowns included) of travel we laughed, we praised, we sang, & prayed! 

Gracefully daisy