Saturday, September 3, 2011

experiencing a wonderful weekend!

I have been gone for quite a while! I can't believe how fast time passes!
I have been away for a whole month and have been very busy!

here are a few things I have been working on:
1. a little boy who now loves to walk keeps me walking too!
2. a dear friend is going to have a baby and I planned and hosted an owl baby shower for her-can't wait to show pics!
3. We visited Texas and met our sweet new nephew Nathaniel David
4. Josh and I are training for a half marathon to happen on the 17th of this month-exhausting...
5. My friend Liz and I have been sewing... well it was really my first time ever...and I need more practice but we had two great craft days and we made some super cute owls! -can't wait to show you!
6. and last but not least have been planning my little cubby's first birthday party who is now turning 1 on September 8th!

I am in complete shock but I am doing well and we are going to have a wonderful green eggs and Ham inspired birthday party tomorrow!

More pictures to come!
Made by the beautiful Bernadette check out her Etsy page
Gracefully Daisy