Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Review: Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Doing Virtuous business strives to explain the connection between a free economy and freedom of religion.
Through out the book he presents different virtues and how they have made a difference in specific businesses as they were practiced. He argues that doing virtuous business makes the world a better place as well as making the companies who practice it more profitable and successful.
   The tittle caught my attention. In our world we don't see virtuous business occurring often. So I wanted to explore what this author had to say about this. I think I was expecting a book that displayed biblical truths and principles to help make the argument of virtuous enterprise. What I discovered instead was a fragmented look at virtue. Fragmented because he used so many different ideas from different philosophers and religions. It was laced with too much new age thinking to my liking. In my opinion when you don't make a distinction between Christian principles and new age ideas you create confusion. I would not recommend this book.

Gracefully Daisy