Thursday, April 12, 2012

Andalucía, España

A beautiful country
your breath taken away when least expected
the stark differences of cultures stunning
all the while they marry and blend forming the uniqueness of Andalucía

This is where I have been the last two weeks
up and down mountains
over bridges of old
architecture incomparable, the lens cannot capture
nevertheless I try
so I can take with me the memory of standing here, in this very moment in time

there is another storyline unfolding, the story of my Love's beginning
Here in this beautiful marriage of cultures another culture integrated
My Darling was born in Puerto de Santa Maria
what a lovely visit to the sweet house
where he first cried out in the night
where he first smiled at his mom
where he took his first steps
where he first heard the name Jesus
where he was baptized
where his parents prayed for him
where his parents prayed for me
where he first discovered the world

Now his son has been here
he also has walked where his father walked
such a sweet moment and I try again
to bring with me the memory of standing here, in this very moment in time

A beautiful time as exotic and unpredictable as the weather
a time to know family deeper
a time to reflect
a time to try new things
a time to dream new dreams
a time to see through the eyes of a sweet little couple who
lived and played; worked and made a sweet little life with a sweet little baby

 from Spain, Gracefully Daisy