Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I heart February

Welcome Feb! I  this month! This is my month-I claimed it many years ago! all my favorite things happen this month and I  to celebrate all of them!
My birthday is the 2nd, Josh's and my Dad's birthday is the 11th, Valentine's Day- the 14th of course!

This 1st of February marks the end of an Era and the beginning of New Epoch for me.
Today is the last day of my 20s...

Twenty things I  about my 20s:

  1. When I turned 20 my best friend threw me a princess birthday party in college-I never had one so she fixed that! Thanks Chris Love you!
  2. I traveled more times in my 20s than in my entire life
  3. I lived in Austin for 7 years of that decade
  4. I discovered salsa Dancing
  5. I met the  of my life
  6. I graduated with my Biology degree
  7. I graduated with my Spanish degree
  8. I graduated with my Nursing degree
  9. I took my parents on a road trip to Florida
  10. I discovered blogging
  11. I made great friends who now live all over the world
  12. I learned a new language
  13. I discovered my love for tea and shortbread cookies!
  14. I continue to improve my cooking skills
  15. I began having black and white parties every year
  16. I continued to seek first the kingdom of God and was blessed with the desires of my heart
  17. I married the  of my life! Love You JOSH!
  18. We moved into our new house- that Josh designed
  19. I continue to improve my decorating skills
  20. The Lord gave us a beautiful baby boy Samuel Benjamin
This month I am going to focus on writing about Love! I want all of my actions forever but especially this month to be driven by LOVE.

"You gave me life itself, and incredible love."
Job 10:8